Denture Care: How Long Should You Keep New Dentures In?

Denture Care: How Long Should You Keep New Dentures In? from Thanasas Family Dental Care in Troy, MIOne of the most common questions that dentists receive about denture care from new denture wearers is if they can keep them in all the time. The short answer is no. Understandably, you may not feel quite like yourself when you take them out, but proper denture care involves removing them once a day for six to eight hours. Let’s take a further look at four reasons you don’t want to keep your dentures in all day long.

Bone loss

Wearing your dentures for long extended periods without removing them can cause your jawbone to lose density and volume. Many people think that keeping them in will help your jaw maintain shape and bone structure, but it’s quite the opposite. This can accelerate the process of bone loss. Significant bone loss will cause your dentures to not fit properly, which could lead to rubbing/ grinding on your gums and even cause them to fall out.

Bacterial growth

If you get used to wearing your dentures all the time, you may not keep up with proper denture care to ensure they are cleaned correctly. This could lead to bacterial growth in your mouth, which could lead to conditions like periodontal disease. Studies have shown that those who keep their dentures in at night have an increased risk of developing plaque and denture stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth). Possible sores or ulcers from rubbing and grinding on the soft tissues of your gums could introduce this bacterium into your bloodstream, which can cause additional health issues in the future.

Decrease the life of your dentures

Your mouth becomes much drier overnight. Having a dry set of dentures could increase the likelihood that they will break or crack easier. Soaking your dentures in a liquid such as water with an approved denture cleaner can prevent them from drying out. This will help to keep them pliable and in better shape to fit your mouth appropriately.

Reduce your risk of developing other illnesses

When you wear your dentures 24/7 and don’t take them out to give your gums and mouth a rest, you could increase your risk of developing infections, colds, and even denture stomatitis (inflammation). Taking your gums out at least at bedtime allows you to give your mouth the much-needed recovery and healing period it needs each day. Additionally, you can provide proper denture care and rinse, brush, and soak your dentures to ensure they stay clean and bacteria-free. Denture stomatitis is not only painful, but it can cause sores or ulcers in your mouth and would provide the perfect place for bacteria to enter into your body. Infections that start in your mouth can then travel to your bloodstream, causing you additional problems in the future.

Dentures can be a great way to restore your smile and gain your confidence back. But remember, they still require good denture care to ensure they last to keep you smiling and healthy.

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