FAQs About Fastbraces for Teeth Straightening

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Patients seeking a quick and affordable solution to straighten their teeth can opt for Fastbraces®. It is advisable to learn everything possible about the treatment option in order to set realistic expectations. This article provides answers to some common questions people often have about Fastbraces® for teeth straightening.

What is Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® is an innovative approach to teeth straightening that produces results remarkably faster than conventional braces. Fastbraces® consist of triangular brackets held together by a regular metal wire. The bracket shifts the crown and root of the teeth at the same time for faster treatment. Regular braces take longer because they use square brackets and straightening happens in two phases.

How long does it take to straighten the teeth?

Unlike traditional braces that take up to two or three years to straighten the teeth, treatment with Fastbraces® typically takes between three months and a year. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of tooth misalignment. Patients will begin to see results after only a few weeks.

With tooth extraction be necessary?

Traditional orthodontic treatment often demands that the dentist remove a tooth or two to create space on the jaw for the teeth straightening process. Fastbraces acts by moving the entire tooth structure, so removing teeth is often not necessary.

Is the process painful?

Although some slight discomfort or soreness may be expected after the dentist tightens the braces, the process is generally less painful. It is also a lot more convenient because patients will need fewer tightening and adjustment appointments.

Will a retainer be necessary after treatment?

Yes, patients will need to wear a retainer after completing the teeth straightening process with Fastbraces. The retainer will be worn for only 15 to 20 minutes every day, while some may choose to put them on before bedtime. Retainers prevent the teeth from eventually moving out of position, so they need to be used according to the dentist’s instructions.

Who is eligible to get Fastbraces?

Not everyone can get Fastbraces, but the treatment is suitable for most people. Patients who can get regular braces are usually qualified for Fastbraces as well. The orthodontic device is suitable for misalignment issues like crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, overbite, underbites, open bites and crossbites. The dentist will not recommend it for patients with impacted teeth or TMJ disorders.

What is the estimated cost of treatment?

Generally, Fastbraces cost less than traditional braces. The shorter treatment duration also lowers the number of dental appointments, which can save money and time too. Patients can discuss treatment costs with the dentist during the consultation.

What are the advantages of choosing Fastbraces over traditional braces?

Fastbraces are faster, less painful and more affordable than traditional braces. Also, the short treatment plan means there is a less amount of time for plaque and bacteria to accumulate around the bracket, which can lower the chances of developing oral health problems.


If you have additional questions about Fastbraces, the dentist will be happy to answer them. Get started by booking a consultation appointment.

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