Fastbraces® vs. Traditional Braces

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When it comes to correcting teeth misalignment, options available to patients include traditional braces and Fastbraces®. For patients who are not particularly excited about the idea of wearing traditional braces for a long time, Fastbraces offers a shorter timeframe, with the teeth coming into alignment within months. Continue reading to know how these two types of braces compare to each other.

Overview of braces

Traditional braces were created to correct teeth crowding and misalignment or to close gaps between teeth. Braces can also correct issues with bite alignment. The process involves attaching metal brackets to the teeth’s front sides and holding them together with wires. In the consequent months, the teeth crowns will gradually move to the proper positions, followed by the roots.

How Fastbraces work

Instead of using the square brackets of traditional braces, Fastbraces uses triangular brackets to increase the gap between each brace. The triangular form makes the wire more flexible and makes it possible to correct the roots’ position concurrently. In contrast to traditional braces, which take the extra time between correcting the crowns and roots, Fastbraces engage the entire tooth structure at the beginning of treatment.

As with traditional braces, Fastbraces can be used to correct crowding, crookedness, gaps, or misalignment of the teeth. They are attached to the teeth’s front sides and linked with a wire. The special design that straightens the crowns and roots from the start ensures that patients can get straighter teeth within months, not years. Most patients can complete the treatment in about nine months, compared to the two or more years required for traditional braces.

Why choose Fastbraces

Fastbraces design incorporates convenience and cost reduction, so the procedure costs less than traditional braces. They have been used for more than two decades by patients looking for a quick and efficient method to straighten their teeth. Traditionally, patients regularly visit the dentist to have their braces wires tightened or replaced, but Fastbraces only use a single wire throughout the process, reducing the number of dental appointments required during teeth straightening treatment.

The wires and brackets used in Fastbraces are more comfortable and have better cosmetic appeal compared to traditional metal braces. Due to the wire’s flexibility, patients usually experience less sensitivity during the procedure. Clear brackets can also be used to make the braces less noticeable on the teeth.

Also, the need for retainers after treatment depends on the patient’s situation. However, the typical wear time of retainers after a patient completes treatment with Fastbraces is only 15 to 20 minutes daily, instead of several hours or overnight.

Fastbraces is a cost-effective and quick solution for patients looking to improve their smile’s appearance. First, the dentist will perform the necessary evaluation to determine if the patient is eligible. Next, they will take dental impressions and X-rays to develop a customized treatment plan that fits the patient’s needs.

In conclusion

If you would like to know more about Fastbraces and if they are suitable for you, book an appointment with the dentist.

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