Health Conditions Treated by a Troy Dentist

Troy DentistAs a Troy dentist, we recommend that you pay attention to how your mouth appears. This is an essential part of preventive care. As a local dentist, we recommend that you monitor your cheeks, tongue, gums, teeth, and the inside of your mouth when you are brushing and flossing your teeth. This way, if you notice anything irregular, you can call our office and schedule an examination and diagnosis.

A few things to watch for include:

  • Red bumps or sores that do not go away.
  • Tongue with a white film that does not brush off.
  • Hard lumps in your mouth.
  • Dental pain.
  • Bleeding and swollen gums.
  • Rough patches inside your mouth.

We Treat a Variety of Health Conditions

In addition to treating cavities, gum disease, and damaged teeth, we can also examine and diagnose you if you are struggling with other oral health problems. These include:

  • A dental abscess. If your tooth nerve becomes infected, you could develop a painful dental abscess. This is a condition that can lead to swelling and intense pain. When you develop an abscess, it is critical to have it treated right away, since the infection can spread into the floor of your mouth, creating additional health problems and possibly requiring oral surgery. Treating it quickly is the best course of action for preventing any discomfort or unnecessary procedures.
  • Gum disease. When your gums swell and bleed, it could be a sign that you brushed too aggressively or ate something too abrasive. It could also be a sign of dangerous gum disease, something we treat in our Troy dentist office. Since gum disease can lead to tooth loss, you need to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, your gums will become worse over time and your teeth will begin to be impacted by the condition.
  • Candidiasis. Also known as thrush, this is a fungal infection that occurs when you have too much of the candida fungus in your mouth. Often caused by taking too many antibiotics, this condition manifests as a white film on your tongue that will not come off with brushing or scraping. It is treatable, so be sure to visit our office when you notice this issue.

As a Troy dentist, we can also look for signs of oral cancer so we can diagnose you and refer you to the proper oncologist. Many of the symptoms mentioned above, like red bumps, hard lumps, and rough patches, can be indicative of a treatable oral health condition or oral cancer. It can be difficult to know what exactly is causing the symptom without visiting a dentist for a professional opinion. This is why if you notice any irregularities that are not going away, you should schedule an examination. We can let you know, for example, if your red sores are simply canker sores or if they could be cancerous.

Keep in mind that regardless of what oral health problems you are facing, we should be your first stop for treatment. If you need care that we cannot provide, such as the services of an oncologist, we can make sure you get to the right specialist for additional care.

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