How Laser Teeth Whitening May Affect Tooth Colored Restorations

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Laser teeth whitening can bring back the shine in your smile. Even so, this process can affect tooth-colored dental restorations. Some dental patients get restorations first. After some time, they decide to get teeth-whitening treatments too. Knowing how laser teeth whitening affects tooth-colored restorations is a practical first step. Here are the details to consider.

Porcelain restorations

Laser teeth whitening can increase the roughness of these tooth-colored restorations. Teeth whitening leads to the retention of more plaque. It also leads to more gum irritation. This type of dental whitening also decreases the hardness of porcelain. An increase in plaque results in a darker porcelain surface.

Some dentists recommend applying a protective barrier over the restoration first. Doing so will protect it from the effects of the whitening process. Other dentists say that porcelain should not go through the whitening process at all. It is an expensive restoration material. Its darker color will only make front teeth restorations look out of place.


Compomer is composite resin with polyacid modification. It has a different type of glass. This material also releases fluoride like regular glass ionomer. Its surface becomes more porous after laser teeth whitening. This makes the material vulnerable to staining from dark foods and beverages. It will need a replacement after.

Resin-modified glass ionomer and glass ionomer cement

Glass ionomer cement does not change in color after laser teeth whitening. Yet, their surfaces change. Cracks and pits appear, making glass ionomer cement more prone to staining. Resin-modified glass ionomer cement becomes softer. These effects call for the replacement of these restorations. This will take more time and money.


Ormocer is a type of ceramic. It is a product of mixing inorganic and organic polymers together. The color of ormocer color changes after laser teeth whitening. It will darken enough to call for a replacement restoration. The mixed matrix of ormocer shields its surface from weakening.

Restorations cannot become whiter

Tooth-colored restorations cannot whiten to any degree. If the person goes through laser teeth whitening, natural teeth will whiten. The dental restorations will not. Patients will end up with technicolor teeth instead of a full arch of whitened teeth.

This type of teeth whitening will not reach the natural teeth underneath restorations. Dentists recommend going through a whitening process first before having dental restorations. This will enable the dentist to match the restorations with the lighter teeth color. It is the right way to correct technicolor teeth. The patient will save on costs if teeth whitening comes first.

Laser teeth whitening treatments can change the quality of tooth-colored restorations

The patient and doctor should communicate well before the laser teeth whitening. There should be a full understanding of what might happen to the restorations, if there are any. The integrity and color of tooth-colored restorations may degrade after the whitening process. This will cost you more in the end. An appointment with your dentist will clear up any more questions you may have.

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