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Many understand that a dental restoration can restore damage from tooth decay or dental trauma, but treatment can also be used to replace a missing tooth. There are multiple treatment options available to patients who seek a dental restoration for a single tooth (or multiple teeth) replacement. 

Dental restoration treatment options for a missing tooth

Common dental restoration treatment options for a missing teeth include a dental bridge, partial denture and dental implant. The following is a review of each treatment option, with insights into why a dentist may choose one dental restoration over another in certain situations. 

Dental bridge

A dental bridge, also called a fixed bridge, is an artificial tooth that is supported by healthy natural teeth on each side. In other words, a dental bridge does serve essentially as a bridge from one tooth to another after tooth loss occurs. Attached to the bridge is a dental crown to take the place of the missing tooth. The crown is typically made of ceramic material or another dental material that closely resembles the shade of adjacent teeth. It involves a relatively non-invasive treatment procedure and a short recovery time. The bridge should remain in good condition for 10 years or more with proper care. 

Partial denture

A partial denture is one of the easiest and more affordable forms of tooth replacement. A partial denture is typically removable and fills the space left by the missing tooth. It closely resembles the natural tooth, and others are not likely to notice that the replacement is a dental restoration due to its natural appearance. The drawback to a partial denture is that it is not permanently fixed into the mouth. This means the patient must remove it to clean it regularly and may have more dietary restrictions to avoid the denture becoming damaged or knocked loose inside the mouth. 

Dental implant

Patients who are interested in the most natural-like and long-term solution to single tooth replacement should consider a dental implant. A dental implant is a surgical post that is placed into the jawbone above or below where the missing tooth is. It serves as a root for a dental crown, which securely attaches to the abutment of the dental implant. The process is, however, more invasive and can take six months or more to complete. 

How to choose the best option

Patients should consider their budget and personal preference when deciding which dental restoration to replace a missing tooth is right for them. Patients who want a long-term solution regardless of price may prefer a dental implant, whereas others who want a minimally invasive treatment process, fast treatment and a low cost might choose a partial denture or fixed bridge. 

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