Root Canal Therapy? 3 Common Signs of a Tooth Infection

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Root canals can be daunting, however, what most people don’t know is that they are actually done in order to remove a tooth infection. Root canal therapy aims to improve a patient’s oral and dental health by eliminating any signs of infection.

General dentists recommend root canal therapy once a tooth is severely infected. Below, we discuss a few signs of tooth infection so that patients know how to avoid root canal therapy from the start. 

Root canal therapy: three signs of tooth infection

Having an infected tooth tends to present obvious signs, find out more about these below!

1. Pain or discomfort

One of the main signs of a tooth infection is when there is significant or ongoing pain. Most people that end up needing a root canal mention that they have pain or discomfort within, on and around the infected tooth. This pain and discomfort is a result of the bacteria eating away at the tooth, causing decay.

Most of the time, if the pain is ongoing, it is likely that there is a need for root canal therapy. It will be up to a general dentist to determine whether or not a root canal is needed. Sometimes, in order to eliminate the pain, the therapy may be required.

2. Bleeding or swelling

When a tooth infection is on the rise, it is best for the patient to keep an eye out for any bleeding or swelling that might be taking place. Bleeding may occur when brushing or flossing is done, as well as when the tooth is used for eating. Any swelling may be ongoing, which should not go ignored.

Both bleeding and swelling may indicate a tooth infection. If a general dentist is unable to remedy either symptom then root canal therapy may be necessary to completely remove and repair the tooth that is infected.

3. Foul breath

Another sign of a tooth infection is foul breath. While some people naturally have bad breath, others may have a tooth infection that's causing it. Tooth infections can cause an immense amount of bacteria buildup, which almost always puts off a foul smell.

In severe situations, root canal therapy may be the only way to solve foul-smelling breath from a tooth infection. It’s best to consult with a general dentist regarding foul breath and what may be causing it. If it is determined that the root cause is an infection, a root canal will likely be recommended.

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