Teeth Straightening With Fastbraces

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Fastbraces® are fast becoming popular. It is a brand name for a teeth straightener that is more effective than traditional braces. As compared to conventional braces, it is used for a shorter period, causes less discomfort, has less risk, and at the same time, it is affordable and safe. There are considerable differences between and advantages of short-term braces over traditional braces.

Duration of therapy

Depending on each individual's dental requirements and how each person's teeth respond to dental treatment, the length of time braces (traditional braces and fastbraces) is worn varies. The duration of therapy using traditional braces usually ranges between 12 months and 36 months. The use of these short-term braces usually lasts between 3 months and 12 months; however, in a few weeks, some see results. With short-term braces, one can have a straighter smile within a shorter period.

Use of retainer

Some people worry about using a retainer after the short-term braces have been used for the required period. Wearing a retainer is important after the use of braces to prevent the teeth from shifting. After using traditional braces, patients are usually recommended to wear a retainer for a certain number of hours a day. It can be for 22 hours, at night, or for all 24 hours for four to twelve months. On the contrary, the use of a retainer after short-term braces therapy is more flexible and convenient. Retainer after using short-term braces is required for about fifteen to twenty minutes a day. 

Mechanism action of Fastbraces

There alignment of the teeth when using short-term braces occurs in two steps. First, the crown of the teeth is moved, and then the roots. However, the two steps are done at once when using short-term braces, hence a shorter period. The use of short-term braces does not require tooth extraction; unlike when using traditional braces, tooth extraction might be needed to allow for proper alignment. 

Fast braces use a square, elastic wire, and a triangle-shaped bracket to move the crown and root of the teeth simultaneously. 

Convenience of Fastbraces

Short-term braces generally provide more conveniences than traditional braces. Traditional braces create a feeling of bulkiness and restriction that short-term braces don't give. The use of short-term braces is also associated with less pain and discomfort. It is also suitable for anyone, both children and adults. You don't have to relearn how to chew and speak as short-term braces retain one's natural bite. Short-term braces also improve jawbone resorption.

There are important tips to note to use fastbraces for a shorter period than traditional braces. Eat soft foods and avoid eating hard foods to prevent damage to the braces. Do away with sticky foods and soda. Use the special brush for braces to clean between your teeth and between the wires of the braces and your teeth. Rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove food particles. Floss your teeth daily. Have regular teeth cleaning. 

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