Which Dental Filling Material Is Best?

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A dental filling is one of the most common treatments that dentists perform. Tooth decay can affect patients of all ages. Without a dentist’s intervention, the decay can become more severe. This would cause intense pain and possibly lead to tooth loss. To repair a small or medium-sized cavity, the dentist will use a filling to seal the tooth and prevent further decay. There are various materials available for this restoration.

How cavities form and what they can do

A cavity is a hole in the tooth that comes due to tooth decay. It can be on the surface or reach deep into the root. Larger cavities require a root canal to repair, but dentists usually take care of this with a dental filling. Poor oral hygiene is a significant cause of cavities. Failing to brush twice a day and floss daily can cause bacteria to build up and eat away at the tooth’s enamel. Cavities can become more serious and eventually lead to infections in the tooth and throughout the mouth.

Gold dental filling

There was a time when a gold filling was the most popular among dentists and patients. Gold fillings are not the most appealing choice aesthetically for patients. The color makes the filling stand out, affecting the person’s smile. On the positive side, these fillings are more durable than other options. Patients can expect one to last at least 10 years and possibly up to 15 years or more. It provides a strong bite force too, allowing the person to bite into most foods.

Silver filling

Similar to their gold counterparts, a silver dental filling is readily noticeable in a person’s mouth. Silver fillings can also discolor teeth and have a risk of causing cracks. However, there are reasons to choose this option. Going with silver will not require as significant a financial commitment as other choices. Like gold, these fillings are also durable and long-lasting. Cost-wise, patients can be happy with what they will pay.

Composite resin

Today, this is perhaps the most common selection. People love to have a composite dental filling because the dentist can make one to be the same color as the tooth. This allows the filling to blend in with the tooth and not be cosmetically unappealing. These fillings bond well to the tooth and can also be useful in repairing cracks and chips. Composite fillings do not last as long as gold or silver and do not have the same bite force either.

Different options to repair your cavities

Putting off a cavity repair can have serious consequences. If you have a nagging toothache, or if your dentist has identified a cavity in one of your teeth, get a dental filling as soon as possible. This treatment can relieve your discomfort and make your tooth healthy once more. Talk to your dentist about the type of filling you would like. Knowing what is available and the benefits of each can help you make the right decision.

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