4 Myths About Denture Care

4 Myths About Denture Care from Thanasas Family Dental Care in Troy, MIAre you thinking about getting dentures? Dentures not only give you back your smile and confidence, but they improve your quality of life. They provide both aesthetic and functional features for many people every day. But even though they have been around for quite some time, there are still some significant myths that cause some people to worry and become hesitant about getting them. Here are four common myths about denture care.

Having dentures requires no oral hygiene

This is one of the worst myths out there and causes some people who believe it prolonged health issues in the future, not to mention their dentures breaking down on them before they should have. It is essential to take your dentures out of your mouth once a day for at least 6 to 8 hours. This recovery period can help provide your mouth with much-needed rest. During this time, you should soak your dentures in water or an approved denture solution. This can help to keep your dentures moist and prevent them from drying out. When dentures dry out, this puts them at risk for cracking and breaking much more manageable.

You do not have to brush your dentures like regular teeth

This is another massive myth that, unfortunately, has circulated. Dentures still need to be brushed, just like natural teeth. You should brush them at least once to twice a day. You will want to brush them with a soft-bristle toothbrush and an approved denture cleaner. Brushing them in a circular motion, just like you do your natural teeth, will help remove any plaque or bacteria that gets on them during the day. Do not forget to brush the denture's grooves so that you can remove any trapped food debris. When you have food in the grooves, they may not fit properly and cause bacteria to build up around them.

You do not need to soak your dentures like your grandma did

This is wrong. Soaking your dentures in water with a denture cleaning solution is not just something your grandma did. If she did this, chances are her dentures lasted the course of their lifespan. Proper denture care includes keeping your dentures moist. Keeping dentures moist helps them to maintain their shape and ensure they fit correctly. When you let dentures dry out, this not only puts them at a greater risk of breaking, but it can also cause them to lose their shape and become loose and ill-fitting in your mouth.

You do not need to clean your mouth as frequently as you do natural teeth

Let's talk about this. You still want to clean, rinse, and brush the soft tissues (gums) in your mouth, tongue, and roof of your mouth. Food debris and bacteria can still build up on these surfaces and get onto your dentures. This can cause denture stomatitis (inflammation), infections, and even periodontal disease. Make sure you take care of your mouth and provide the proper denture care just as you would if you still had your natural teeth.

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