5 Dentist Tips from our Dentist Office on Improving Your Oral Health

Dentist OfficeAs a local dentist office, we help our patients to improve their oral health during regular appointments.  However, we also realize that we can't do it alone. We depend on a partnership between you and us to keep your teeth in good health. This means that we need you to practice good oral hygiene at home. This can be easier said than done and many of our patients ask for tips for how to make it easier to keep their teeth and gums healthy. With that in mind, here are some of the suggestions that we offer on a regular basis.

5 Dentist Tips for Improving Your Oral Health

#1 Drink more water.

This is something that most people take for granted. Drinking water is something that doctors regularly recommend because your body needs to stay hydrated in order to be healthy. However, most people don't think about hydration in terms of their teeth. The challenge is that if you do not drink enough water and if you are not hydrated then you can suffer from a condition known as dry mouth. This is when your body does not produce enough saliva and is, therefore, unable to naturally wash away the food particles and plaque that forms on your teeth throughout the day. The results can be really bad breath along with an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Avoid this problem by carrying a water bottle with you and drinking throughout the day.

#2 Stop buying soda.

One of the best things you can do for preventing erosion is to stop drinking soda. All types of soda, even diet soda, have low pH levels. They are closer to battery acid than water. This means that every time you drink a soda you are exposing your teeth to the negative effects of acid. As a result, the enamel on your teeth can begin to erode. This increases the chance of you getting cavities, your teeth breaking or you suffering from tooth decay.

#3 Buy a new toothbrush.

We will give you one when you visit our dentist office.  Otherwise, you need to buy a new toothbrush every 3 months. If not, you could be moving bacteria all around your mouth instead of doing a good job of removing it. If your toothbrush begins to smell or look stained this is a clear indication that it is time to purchase a new one. You also want to look and see if the bristles on your toothbrush appear to be frayed. In this case, you are not going to be getting a good clean and need to purchase a new one as well. We recommend that you buy a soft toothbrush or that you use an electronic or battery-operated one since these can give you a good clean without being abrasive.

#4 Remember to floss.

Flossing is not a favorite pastime for most people. This means that the majority of Americans do not floss as frequently as they should. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of getting gum disease, so you need to be diligent with your flossing and start a habit of doing it at least once a day. You don't have to use regular floss but can buy plastic flossing tools that you can use and then throw away. This makes the process far easier and you can even floss on the go.

#5 Chew gum with Xylitol.

You can actually reduce the risk of tooth decay by chewing sugar-free gum with Xylitol. This is a substance that can help to reduce the risk of developing cavities and there's nothing quite as easy as chewing a piece of gum.

To get more tips from our dentist office call and schedule an appointment today.

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