Ask a General Dentist: What Are the Benefits of Regular Dental Check-Ups?

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Regular dental check-ups can reduce the risk of developing oral health concerns such as cavities and gum disease and allow for early detection of any issues to limit the invasiveness and expense of treatment. This review from a general dentist discusses the specific benefits of regular dental check-up visits.

The benefits of regular check-up visits with a general dentist

Regular dental check-ups from a general dentist involve an oral examination to detect any health concerns in their early stages. Check-up visits often include dental X-rays and a routine cleaning procedure as well. The benefits of regular dental check-ups include cavity detection and prevention, reduced risk of gum disease, and early documentation of signs of oral cancer.

Help prevent dental cavities

Dental cavities occur when the enamel (the outermost layer of teeth) starts to decay because of acidic attacks by bacteria and food particles (e.g., sugar). Cavities do not form all at once, and it takes repeated acidic attacks and the weakening of the enamel before they actually develop. Regular dental check-up visits allow the dentist to detect the early signs of cavities and prevent the need for more invasive treatment.

Reduce the risk of gum disease

Gum disease affects millions of Americans each year. One of the reasons gum disease is so prevalent is because it is hard for patients to detect on their own. Regular dental check-ups allow the general dentist to detect the signs of gum disease that may otherwise go unnoticed, take measures to treat the symptoms, and start the process of reversing the gum disease.

Check for signs of oral cancer

An oral cancer screening provides a more in-depth check for signs of oral cancer, but general dentists always check for the early signs of oral cancer during a dental check-up as well. If any concerns are detected, then they may order a biopsy to rule out oral cancer or catch it in the earliest stage possible.

Reduce dental costs long-term

Dental check-up visits are most often covered by dental insurance, and they are still affordable for those who do not have dental insurance. Many of the procedures that become necessary when oral health concerns worsen, however, are far more costly. One way to reduce the long-term risk and cost of dental care is through regular check-ups with a general dentist.

Keep a clean and attractive smile

There are also cosmetic benefits of dental check-up visits, especially when dental cleanings are performed during the visits. In addition, the dentist can recommend cosmetic procedures that may be of interest to the patient during the visit.

Schedule your next regular check-up with our general dentist

We recommend a routine dental check-up for our patients every four to six months. If it has been a while since your last visit, then we encourage you to contact our general dentistry team today to schedule a visit. During the visit, we can determine the status of your oral health and help you address any concerns you may have.

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