When an Emergency Dentist Will Treat a Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth Troy, MI

If you have a broken tooth, you need to visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn how a dentist will treat the affected tooth. You may be tempted to delay the visit if you are not experiencing pain, swelling, or bleeding, but this is not advisable. By the time pain sets in, the situation may have worsened considerably. A broken tooth has two solutions — repairing or extracting it.

How a broken tooth occurs

The tooth can break due to a few factors such as physical trauma, extensive decay, or biting into a hard item. The nature of the damage may vary — the tooth may crack, chip, fracture, or break — and breakage may extend to multiple tooth layers and occur below, along, or above the gum line. If the root is affected, it is usually hidden from view and can be severe. There is usually damage to the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. The trauma can also loosen or displace the tooth in its socket.

When can a broken tooth be saved?

The dentist will decide to save a tooth after examining the extent of the damage to the tooth’s structure. There is usually a time limit for saving a tooth, so it is better to act fast and visit the dentist immediately. The dental professional can repair minor chips and cracks with composite resin material. If the crack or fracture reaches below the gum line, treatment might be difficult and the tooth may need a root canal and dental crown.

If the breakage was due to extensive decay, there could be a risk of infection spread to surrounding gum tissues and jaw bone without proper intervention. The infection is treatable, but not in all cases. It is often advisable to remove a broken, infected tooth with damaged blood tissue and nerves.

If it is impossible to treat the broken tooth, there is no need for concern. The dentist will recommend natural-looking tooth replacement options to restore the smile’s function and appearance. At the dental office, patients will get a personalized treatment plan and learn about the various options, including dental bridges, implants, or partial dentures.

Visit the dentist for emergency dental care

Injury or trauma to the teeth can result in severe pain, bleeding, and swelling. Patients need to visit the emergency dentist immediately for treatment. There is a better chance of fixing the tooth if the dental appointment happens within a few hours of the incident. Also, symptoms like inflammation, swelling, and severe pain could indicate a serious infection and need to be checked.

Did you recently suffer a broken tooth?

A major crack or breakage along or near the gum line may not cause bleeding or swelling, but the pain will be serious. The biggest risk is that the nerve tissues and blood vessels are also damaged, so a dentist will need to check it promptly. Even for minor chips and fractures that are not emergencies and require minor solutions, prolonging treatment will only worsen the damage and predispose them to decay and infection. Contact our dental office today to book an appointment.

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